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I am based in Plum stead, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. 

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 If you wish to join a course, submit your enrollment form (can download form website as well).  This together with a Deposit of R 1 500.00 

There is a payment plan option- payment over 3 months after deposit paid      . Download PDF Form

Certificates are only issued when paid up in full and case studies are completed. 

Level 1 & 2

This is for beginners who have no bodywork experience and you may start with either Head & Shoulders of the Full Body Course. These routines are not the same – one is seated in a chair including upper body Shiatsu techniques. The Full Body is performed in a mat and includes the whole body. 

Level 1

A practical course and basic introduction to Shiatsu acupressure of the Upper Body. This course is a Head, Neck and Shoulders done seated in a chair with client fully clothed. In shiatsu we do not use oils but cover the client with a soft cotton cloth to work through

Level 2

A practical course incorporating a Full Body routine. This is done on a shiatsu mat on the floor. Client is fully clothed, no iols are used. A soft cotton shiatsu cloth is used to cover client and work through. 

Level 3- Meridian Therapy

A practical course including location of the 12 Main Meridians of the body and all the acu-point on each Meridian.

Workbook includes colour charts of each Meridian and reference table for all the point and associated conditions e.h Pressure point for headaches. To add value to the use of these point and asses each clients energetic imbalances a course on the Introduction to Chinese Medicine will introduce you to the theory and practices of applying this knowledge to Meridian Therapy 

Level 4 - Introduction to Chinese Medicine

 For experienced therapists who want to understand the foundations and Principals of Chinese Medicine. This includes Theory of the five Elements and Meridians of the Body to incorporate and give a specialized treatment related to specific problems a client may have e.g. frozen shoulder, migraines. 

Level 5 - Hara abdominal Massage - – Practical course locating the vital organs of the abdomen and a practical massage routine, with the application of Chinese Medicine. Note: You have to attend Level 3 First to cover the theory applied to this course

Hara Abdominal Shiatsu is an intense abdominal massage particularly aimed at holistic treatment of a person. 


Certificates are issued for each course you complete and all therapist are registered with the South African Association for Shiatsu Practitioners.

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