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Where the mind goes the Qi flows....
Where the Qi flows the blood follows.........

"Shiatsu" :  A Japanese word meaning "Finger-Pressure "

     Quality Training & Education
                 Beginners, Intermediate and advanced. 
                    No previous experience required 
                          Add Shiatsu Therapy to your existing Bodywork practices
                               Body Energy Balancing Acupressure
                                     Meridian stretches
                                           Shiatsu techniques
                                                Meditation & Visualization
                                                      Courses Certified 

Acupressure Therapy buried in the roots of Ancient Japanese Massage techniques and the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For more information please contact Beryl
info@shiatsuacademy.co.za     Cell:  0729916369     Tel: 021 7120672                               

Shiatsu Academy Events Calendar



10days until
Head & Shoudlers

73days until
Full Body Shiatsu

31days until
Hara 6 Day Workshop

38days until
Meridian Therpy

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